Golf Season doesn’t end, it just comes home

Golf Season doesn’t end, it just comes home

How to improve your golf game in the off-season

Improving your golf game in the off season is easier than you might think. Yes, its going to take time and yes you need to use your brain, results aren’t free. Next spring you will either be thankful you invested time and money or wishing that you did. Here are three steps to improving your golf game this off-season

1. Have a plan in place

Having a plan in place starts with knowing your weaknesses, and knowing your weaknesses starts with knowing your numbers. What’s holding you back? Is it your putting, driving, chipping, bunker game, mental game, etc. If you really aren’t sure start keeping better track on the course of ups and downs and putts per hole and even fairways and green hits.

Also, where is your game now and where do you want it to be next year? I am currently a low handicap low to high 70s golfer who drastically under performs given my ball striking abilities. I know that putting is my greatest room for improvement, especially the 15 foot and under range. So for me, breaking 70 is going to require me to invest time and money in this area of my game. I have countless opportunities in 18 holes to make birdies from this range and usually end up with 2-4 birdies a round, mostly under 5 feet. Not to mention my 3 putts due to missing 4 footers.

This is a huge opportunity for me and will be a MAJOR focus this off-season! I will not spend another off season just waiting for golf season, and you shouldn’t either. Get an off season plan in place! It’s extremely simple and can take less than 10 minutes a day to have drastic results.

2. Execute the plan

Now that you have a plan in place of what you need to work on, how are you going to work on it? Do you have practice equipment at home? Do you live by a driving range with heated tees. Do you have the necessary golf training videos and drills in place to improve? Practicing the same thing over and over and getting frustrated isn’t going to help you improve.

The hardest part in executing the plan is setting aside time. You are going to have to change some things up and possibly even skip some episodes of Dancing with the Stars, I know it’s great but results feel so much more satisfying. There’s almost nothing I love more than competing in golf and improving an area that was a weakness. This all starts with executing the plan you chose for yourself, and of course, sticking to it.

3. Track your results

There is nothing more satisfying than eating the fruits of your labor. Track your progress and be grateful for the results you’re making, and of course make adjustments as necessary.



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Eyeline Golf Edge rail putting stroke tool

My journey to better putting

My journey to better putting

After being a mid to high 70s golfers for a decade now, I finally realized yesterday just how poor my putting is. By poor, I mean fucking awful. Putting has always held my game back as long as I can remember. I am an incredible ball striker and hit the ball long and hit a lot of greens in regulation. However, I’ve still only carded a handful of rounds under par and I know my putting is the reason. My journey to better putting is my guide and story of finally fixing my atrocious putting and hopefully helping our readers do the same.

Step 1: Recognize the Problem

This seems simple and easy but its the first step for a lot of processes for a reason, in order to make massive change you need to recognize your problem. Mine, and most likely yours, is that we are awful fucking putters. It makes the game way harder than it needs to be and puts a ton of pressure on every other part of your game.

Step 2: Set your intentions

We talk about this a lot, and for good reason. Setting your goal or intention is claiming your stake. This is where I am going. For me, right now I average 34 putts a round. Fucking awful, I know. I want to save 6 shots a round in my putting (avg. 28). This is a seriously huge goal and for some people unrealistic. Why set a realistic goal? The reason you set a goal is to achieve massive growth in the pursuit of it. Saving my self 6 shots a round is going to take some serious action and effort and I’m going to have to learn some new things. Which will allow me to help all of you do the same!

Step 3: Develop a good practice routine at home

Fixing my putting is going to take a serious time investment and some putting training aids. I will have to purchase a new putting green to use at home, along with some training aids to help my stroke. The one I have been “eyeing” is the Edge Rail by EyeLine Golf. I actually have one of these on the way to my house now so I will let you know how I like it. It’s one of the only tools that will help with creating a consistent putting stroke with a perfect arc, every time.

Step 4: Make more birdies

The end goal of all of this is to make more birdies. At the end of the day My journey to better putting is really about lowering scores in any way possible and for me right now, the easiest room for improvement is putting. I have had some pretty good years putting wise so I know I can make it back there and become an even better putter than I was in the past.

Step 5: Follow My Journey to better putting

My journey to better putting is intended to improve my putting, but most importantly improve our readers putting. I will hopefully lay the ground work and the process for someone to follow so they can improve everything about their putting and lower their scores. Over the coming months stay tuned for updates on my progress, what is helping, what isn’t helping and the best products to help you achieve your putting goals.

Lady Golfer using SuperSpeed Golf ladies set swing weight

SuperSpeed Golf Training System | Meet Our Brands

SuperSpeed golf Training system| meet our brands

In this weeks edition of Meet Our Brands we will be introducing SuperSpeed Golf. SuperSpeed Golf has designed and created revolutionary golf swing training products that are used by over 700 top tour pros today! The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is simple and easy and helps thousands of golfers all over the world increase their club head speed through scientific principles. Why SuperSpeed Golf? Their customers get results. The average user of SuperSpeed Golf products sees a 10% increase in club head speed in as little as 6 weeks!

Meet the Founders

SuperSpeed Golf was founded in 2014 by Michael Napoleon and Kyle Shay. Since 2014 they have used scientifically proven principles of underload/overload training to help thousands of golfers increase their club head speed and swing efficiency and gain more yards in every aspect of the game. Users of their products find out very quickly that your arms can not dominate the swing. So many amateurs think that club head speed comes from the upper body. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you are going to gain club head speed with the SuperSpeed Golf Training System you must learn to swing from the ground up.

SuperSpeed Golf Products

SuperSpeed Golf Products are a simple 3 weight progressive program that you use to develop your power. Simply start with the lightest weight and follow their free guide to increase your speed and distance. SuperSpeed Golf Training System users notice an increase in club head speed within weeks of using their products. SuperSpeed Golf products have helped so much that they have since released products for every age group and swing type and now help LPGA Tour Players and even kids aged 7-9 increase their club head speed.

SuperSpeed Golf swing weights system

Who are SuperSpeed Products for?

SuperSpeed Golf has become so popular that they have created a line of products for every age group and swing speed! Whether you are just taking up the game or on the PGA Tour, there is a SuperSpeed product for you! Speed training for golf has never been easier! Simply swing SuperSpeed Golf Training System products 3 times per week and watch your club head speed steadily increase with use!